Kind Sticky

Do you remember the last time you received a compliment, a thank you, or a really personal gift? Do you remember how that made you feel?

Valued... Appreciated... Happy... Confident... Grateful

My mum used to leave me little notes in the morning that would lift my spirits - they were only made with pen and paper but their kind impact has built my confidence, my well being and self-esteem - they truly were priceless!!!

I want everyone to be able to share that simple gift of kindness with the people they care for. Let’s get creative with kindness and make people feel amazing!!!

Kind Sticky is a creative kind campaign encouraging you to think of someone special in your life / someone you're grateful for; to draw a simple stick man on a piece of paper and surround it with all the things you love/appreciate about that person. You can get as creative as you like.

Share it with them and know you've just made someone's day!!! (Share it on social too using #kindsticky so we can all feel the love.)

You can draw your own or you can get an easy free Kind Sticky printable template by tapping here

I’m SO excited to see your Kind Sticky’s - Let’s spread the kindness far and wide!