The Mission...

On a mission to get creative with spreading kindness! At a time when people are feeling isolated and anxious, watch out for creative campaigns giving you the opportunity to get involved in simple, thoughtful and uniquely personal acts of kindness. 

So... who are the Kind Army?


- believe in the positive impact of unexpected acts of kindness

- believe in the positive impact on mental health for both the giver and receiver of kind acts

- believe we can use the power of creativity to increase social connection and build stronger relationships

- believe EVERYONE deserves to be the recipient of kindness

- believe nurturing creative kindness in children we can encourage mindfulness and increased empathy for others

- believe that being the recipient of kindness, on a personal level, can lead to greater confidence, self esteem and overall well-being

You believe that too, right? 

How do I get involved?

There are a number of ways you can get involved...

- Follow the Kind Army on social media and join the community of combined kindness.

- Join our creative kind campaigns! (Watch this space)

- Listen / subscribe to Kind Conversations wherever you like to listen to your podcasts. Come and be inspired by stories of kindness and come away feeling uplifted and empowered.

I really hope you will join me on this amazing adventure! Simply follow us wherever you like to keep in touch. Rebecca xx