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Four Books That Will Make You A Powerhouse of Kindness...

Four Books That Will Make You A Powerhouse of Kindness...

Whether you're looking for something to lift your spirits; you need some direction to drop a bad habit; you want to be kinder to yourself; or you want inspiration when it comes to being kinder to others, you're in the right place! I've chosen four amazing books, all kindness related, but for very different reasons. I can guarantee you'll be in a better place after sitting with these books for company. Not only that, I've got a source of many more book recommendations that will keep you on a positive track. I really hope you enjoy them!

The Kindness Pact recognises how we can be our own worst enemy and actually be pretty unkind to ourselves. We judge ourselves and engage in endless self-criticism, bizarre really when we wouldn't dream of treating a friend in such a way. So, Domonique has identified eight promises that we can make to ourselves to help alleviate our anxiety, doubt and insecurities. From accepting our imperfections to silencing your inner critic, this book is a really easy read and the type that you can pick up and open at any page for a nugget of inspiration that will get you fired up for the day.

The Kindness Method is like going on a journey with a friend who is equipped with a roadmap to your self-improvement. How many times have you thought 'I need to break that habit'; stick to that diet; or maybe you keep putting something off that you know will help you. Shahroo will help you to confront the deep seated thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back. Shahroo is living proof that this method works and, although challenging at times, you will discover YOU and feel empowered to make positive changes that will last.       

If ever there was a book to restore your faith in the human race... this is it!!! Filled with stories from adventurers travels where, in the most unlikely circumstances, people have encountered kindness from strangers that will impact their lives forever. Each and every one of these stories will make your heart glow. From 'The Most Selfless Man I've Ever Met' to 'The Banksy of Bangladesh', this book will make you look at people differently... you will look at strangers like potential friends. It's one to pick up over and over again!

(All royalties from 'The Kindness of Strangers' go directly to fund Oxfam's work with refugees.)   

Jaime is founder of '52 Lives', a thriving global community that identify a person every week who is in need of help. They share their story and the community come together to help that person in need. Jaime is a firm believer that our everyday actions determine the world we live in. This book gives each and every one of us the tools to be kinder... with 52 kind actions, along with facts and stories, there is kindness quite literally bursting off of each and every page. If you have ever wondered what you could do to make this world a little better... look no further than this book... it has you covered! I only wish everyone could read this.   


So, there you have it, four books that will make you a powerhouse of kindness, both to yourself and others! I don't want to leave it there though. I know many of you reading this will be looking for more... and I have the perfect solution! 

Introducing 'SHELF HELP' a book club and community dedicated to self-help and self-development. Toni Jones, the founder, is smashing down the stigma of 'self help' by making it accessible, even 'cool'! 

Toni, a super successful editor of Women's and Fashion's titles from around the world found that a life of 'working hard - playing hard' wasn't cutting it. She stumbled across a 'self help' book and began her journey to what is now a community oozing kindness. In a world where we need to take more responsibility for our own mental health, the Shelf Help club provides endless inspiration, community and connection in a safe and comfortable environment. Clearly, you can tell I'm a fan but if you're interested in the current 'Book of The Month', check it out here...

Have a great week my friends x 

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