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Finding Your Purpose! Celebrating Scott Harrison...

Finding Your Purpose! Celebrating Scott Harrison...

Scott began his working life as a club promoter, living a life that so many would deem enviable. Life was fast... an alcohol and drug fueled existence, surrounded by beautiful women and getting paid to party. Scott, however, reached a point where he began to recognise an emptiness in that life. He declared himself as spiritually, morally, and emotionally bankrupt. One day, he made a completely audacious decision to give it ALL up to serve others.

It was while volunteering for a charity in Liberia that he began to question why so many people were drinking dirty water. It was evident to him that many of the diseases men, women and children were dying of were preventable and so began his life's mission.

He returned to New York with what some may consider an impossible task - to bring clean water to every person living without it. At that point, 1.1 billion people!

And it didn't stop there, not only did he throw himself into setting up an amazing new charity (charity: water) but he was determined it would operate differently to most. He was aware that many people had difficulties trusting charities and they wanted to know where their donations were going. So, Scott's charity ensured 100% of donations went directly to the water projects, with complete transparency and proof of where each donation had been spent. The overheads of the charity were then funded by a completely separate group of extremely generous individuals.

Twelve years later, charity: water has raised more than $320 million and funded nearly 30,000 water projects in 26 countries, improving health, education, and opportunity - especially for women and children. When completed, those projects will provide over 8.4 million people with clean, safe drinking water.

Take a look at this video to learn far more about Scott and charity: water. You can't help but be drawn to Scott's infectious personality and his drive to make the world a better place for everyone. Scott is playing an unparalleled role in ending dirty water... and, for that, we celebrate you!

What I love about this story is, naturally, what Scott has achieved, but it's also the way his life's purpose seemed to find him. We can easily get lost in trying to find our life's purpose and many of us spend years/decades wondering what it is. Scott's story shows that sometimes you just need to step back, take some time out and do something for others. Who knows... your purpose might just find you!

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