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Episode #10 - "A Life of Curiosity & Creativity" with Michalla Brianna

Episode #10 - "A Life of Curiosity & Creativity" with Michalla Brianna

Welcome to this new Kind Conversation with Michalla Brianna, founder of the nonprofit 'A Home 4 Art'. It was such a joy to chat to Michalla... I challenge you to listen to this conversation without coming away feeling inspired and wanting to try something new. Michalla hasn't had it easy, and yet, with the amazing influence of her grandma, she has used all of her experiences and thirst for life to help others... it's so inspiring!

We talk about...
- Michalla's life before A Home 4 Art. Get this... Michalla has been a Disney Entertainer, Photographer's Assistant, Model, Children's Party Planner, Author, Singer... and so much more!
- Michalla's childhood as a daughter of professional ice skaters and how she was adopted by her grandparents. Michalla's grandmothers amazing influence on her growing up... it really is just wonderful!
- We talk about that the gift of learning something from everything that you try.
- How Michalla felt lost in her teens through to her late twenties and was always looking for meaning and purpose. She now realises that everything she experienced as a child... and everything she has tried and learnt since, has brought her to this point with A Home 4 Art.
- The power of living a life of curiosity! You can do anything... go for it!
- The birth of A Home 4 Art and how it took a great deal of bravery and courage; acknowledging everything she had been through, and everything she had experienced creatively, bringing it all together to help others.
- Imposter syndrome and the danger of thinking other people know what they're doing and that they have had confidence all along.
- Michalla's journey from a place of not feeling worthy of success and happiness to a place of self love and compassion.
- How A Home 4 Art gives children a naturally therapeutic creative space to help them process their emotions and explore their interests in a fun and safe environment.
- How it can take one person or one moment to have a positive impact and potentially change the course of someone else's life!

(All this and we didn't even touch on "The Barrie Patch" where Michalla publishes and sells her inspirational children's books, apparel, and games. That's got to be another podcast!)

To follow A Home 4 Art, you will find them here...
Thank you so much for listening! Rebecca x


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