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Episode #3 - Stop Holding Back, With Chris & Ruban

Episode #3 - Stop Holding Back, With Chris & Ruban

Welcome to this new Kind Conversation with Chris and Ruban from Stop Holding Back, a charity dedicated to helping people who Stutter become better speakers with the ultimate goal of improving their employability. I loved talking to Chris and Ruban... this conversation is so inspiring and offers so many important lessons for us all.

- We talked about how important it is to face your fears on a daily basis.
- Techniques / tools for building your confidence.
- How there is no "one-size fits all" fix.
- How daunting the interview process can be - in particular, how all job descriptions seem to list "excellent communication skills"!
- How to stop letting stuttering make the decisions in your life and start taking back control.
- Making support available to everyone - not just those who can afford it.
- Support systems and how others can assist in helping people make progress with their stutters.

We talk about the future of Stop Holding Back - their answer made my heart smile! They truly are leading by example - helping others where they have struggled themselves and showing people that anything is possible with the right support and mindset. I am blown away by their stories and their kindness. I really can't wait to share this with you all.

You can find Stop Holding Back at...

Thank you so much for listening! Rebecca x

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